Bragdor the Ogre

An ogre, loitering in the water room, who is afraid of the dungeon.


Bragdor the ogre is not the brightest of fellows, but even he knows when he is overmatched and the beasts that are crawing all over the dungeon intimidate even him. Of course, he can deal with the humanoids and the PCs are ideal for taking out his frustrations.

Like most ogres, Bragdor is a bully. As long as he feels that he has the advantage over his opponents he gladly bashes them away with his huge club. But if the PCs gain Bragdor’s respect, the ogre changes his tactics. He backs away from his foes toward the most tactically favorable position, using full defense while calling out for parley.

Bragdor is capable of relating the details of the journey to the dungeon, the name of the orc leader (Orghar), the history and state of relationships between the orcs and the other humanoids, as well as the sudden appearance of various strange beasts that attacked everyone. The exact details of each conversation are left up to the DM. Given the ogre’s rather simple mind, he is incapable of giving specific details on such things as directions (it’s all too confusing), or anything beyond simple impressions of the beasts (flying mantles, big rodents, stinging flies).


Bragdor the Ogre

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